Milan Chaudhari


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She fluently speaks 3 different languages: Gujarati, Hindi, and English. She and her husband own several businesses and enjoy investing in real estate. Part of her investing background is also in renovation-she is happy to help take you through the renovation process. Milan is the mother of fraternal twins and loves spending time with her family. “I always enjoyed real estate since we purchased our first hotel”.
Her experience in managing hotels and people helped to strengthen her already strong work ethic. Although Milan enjoys working with people in all walks of life, one of the reasons she started her real estate career was to be a good role model for her kids. She also enjoys working out and being healthy. Contact Milan when buying or selling in the Kansas or Missouri areas!

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We like to meet people and gain their trust quickly with rapport, great listening skills, and the ability to make sure you are seen and heard. Our goal is for you to have a wonderful real estate experience!

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